Monday, January 12, 2009

Credit Card "TITHE"

I was thinking this morning about the bondage of credit card debt. I can't wait to get that monkey off my back. It's fascinating that we would never consider materialism an "idol" but as I pondered just how much money credit card companies receive in interest rates, I realized I have been "tithing to the god of materialism".

It's a tongue-in-check analysis, but it has a reality to it. We struggle over giving the Lord a tithe, but we give to the credit card company interest rates far greater than we would ever consider giving to the work of the Lord. I say "we" but I really mean me. Not asking the Lord for wisdom about purchases, but just "putting it on the card"..doesn't take much faith. Then when the bill comes due, suddenly I have faith to seek the Lord for help.

This is an eyeopener for me because the materialistic country that we live in is now getting a lesson in "knowing the difference between your wants and your needs".

I am sorry Lord for giving more to Bank America than I have given to you. That I didn't ask and wait.

Thank Jesus for your truth "your Father knows what you have need of". What we need and what we want are two entirely different things. Yes the Lord will give us the desires of our heart, but we have been blessing ourselves without even inquiring of him or allowing Him delight in giving us the desires of our hearts.
"Owe no man anything except to lover him". We can do this by delighting in doing what the Lord does..feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and restoring sight to the blind. How can we do this? Pay our debts and free ourselves to love others with what rightfully belongs to God--not Bank America, Chase or Wachovia.

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