Sunday, December 28, 2008


By His Crown He wore,
my thoughts are purified.
By the nails in His hands,
my works are sanctified.
By His broken heart,
my heart been revived
that the Father may be Glorified.
His shed blood my sanctification,
His torn flesh, my consecration.
Lord, santify me
as Thou has done for me
on the Cross at Calvary.
By your deeds, not mine,
I receive my consecration
for you are the One True Vine.
He gave Himself willingly
He suffered, bled and died
and in his pain and agony
it was unto Thee He cried.
Not for Himself with pity
His death was not in vain
by by faith and believing,
it is I whose soul He gained.
The seed of His death
became the havest of life,
we are His children
the seed of the First Born.

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