Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas Vintage Images-Public Domain

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook-Cabinet Curtains

Outside my window the sun is shinning finally after three days of rain...this week was the Martinsville Speedway race and the campers had three days of rain, rain, rain.

I am hoping to find guidance as our house is definately sold and we have 6 weeks to decide where we do from here. We need jobs and a home. We need devine guidance.
I am still learning to take every thought into captivity especially now. I know He is seldom early, never late, but always just on time, however we also need that peace that passes all understanding.

I hear the sound of my cell phone gasping for a battery charge.

I am cooking nothing...its Monday night Chinese buffet.

I am thankful for our home being sold to a lovely young couple.

I am wearing polka-dot pajamas.

I am reading David Wilkersons newsletter.

Today I am hoping to find a job for me, a job for my husband and a rent-to-own home in a Town we no not of, in a State we know not where...all by the end of the day.

I just finished making curtains for a cabinet I refinished which is in need of two pieces of glass.

Here are some picures I'll share with you.

My plans for this week is to seek, seek, seek....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Simple Womans Daybook...Happy Irish!

Outside my window its raining and there are puddles in the yard.

I am hoping to get some packing done. We have sold are home and are moving to ? we don't know yet. Every box packed has P.I.F. on it and to the believing and non-believing that means "Packed In Faith".

I am learning that since I prayed desiring to take every thought into activity, my thoughts have been like Armageddon...had no idea those thoughts were lurking about...but war is war!

I am cooking homemade soup and biscuits because we are going to revival tonight and need a quick dinner.

I am thankful my husband who is understanding with my financial ineptness.

I am wearing jeans skirt, tights and a light sweater.

I am reading the 1040 tax form. If you knew my mathematical skills, you would be rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.

I am hoping to find a home to rent for us until we buy one.

I am creating a to do list, not to be confused with the honey do list.

One of my favorite things is table games or parlor games, you can learn alot about yourself and your company when you are in a competition.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you today:

To Billy...rembering your love of the Irish

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Religion Poll is Wrong

Today's big hype is a survey which states that more and more Americans no longer believe in religion. I am sure their question was posed in such a way that those who have left mainstream religions were unsure of how to answer the question. You can be gauranteed that this latest survery will be twisted every way to make it look like we have lost our faith. I do not agree.

Has the church changed in the last several years? Yes it has, but the true church, the Bride of Christ which is made of of all peoples, nations, and tribes, has not changed. Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against his church. We are the body of Christ if we have received His Crucifixion as atonement for our sins.

One of the main reasons people stated for turning from religion is "hypocrisy". Yes, we all fail and we all falter but using that as an excuse for someone to deny the existence of God is getting wearisome . I have had some "biggies" and have known that I disappointed God, but the point is to keep getting up. The scripture that tears my heart out is when the prophet told King David he gave the enemies of God a reason to blaspheme Him. When you realize that gut wrenching truth in your own life, your repentance goes deep.

Have you faltered? Did you get up? The world says you made your bed now lie in it; but, Jesus said take up your bed and walk.

Have you realized that your sin as a child of God gave his enemies a reason to blaspheme His name. "Oh, you call yourself a Christian? "They are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites"... That is what the enemies of the Cross say.

We have to let them know that we do fall and we do fail, but if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. I am not talking about cheap grace where you just keep going out and sinning because you choose to, I am talking about when you falter and fail. David tried to hide his sin, the organized church tries to hide their sins, we as individuals try to hide our sins--but our Father exposes them. What hurts the Father hurts us and when we come to the realization that we have not represented Him well, then we are humbled in His sight. When those who watch us fall begin to doubt His power to keep, we hurt for the Father. Put your trust in no man's flesh the word tells us and I think for this very reason..that we represent the Kingdom and the Father and when we fail those two, we fail and hurt Him. The Lords Kingdom has no end, but we do and we must stand before Him and give an account of our lives. Thank Him for His mercy.

Maybe if we are more honest about our sinful selves rather that portraying ourselves as "perfect", we can turn this tide of using hypocrisy as a excuse not to receive the redemption for sin that Christ so dearly and willing paid.

I am not a fan of "polling" but this one really got to me.

Simple Womans Daybook - Thinking of You Card- March 9

Outside my window the sun is shinning,
the snow is gone
it going to be hot and sticky
before too long.

I am hoping to find something within myself to redeem this beautiful day.

I am learning to take every thought into captivity. The more I determine to do this, the more my mind wanders.

I am cooking pizza!

I am thankful children who are walking in the way of righteousness.

I am wearing jeans, a light shirt, not so heavy duty socks.

I am reading "Me and My Big Mouth" by Joyce Myer.

I am hoping to finish my course with excellence. Since I am no where near excellence, I have a lot of work to do.

I just finished creating a get well card using a bird pattern I found on line.

I am hearing the sound of the "breezy" day. Windows are open and the air is clear.

One of my favorite things is decorating. Decorate anything from cakes to curtains.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook-March 2, 2009

Outside my window the is our first snow storm ,in March, can't get any better than that. Friday it will be in the 60's.

I am hoping to stop my mind from racing in a thousand different directions because... I am from the learning room , I am learning to lean, learning to lean...

I am cooking...frozen chicken!

I am thankful for the wonder people I am meeting from the Simple Woman's Daybook Family.

I am wearing long pants, long socks, long-sleeve shirt and long gloves, long coat and long scarf.

I am reading yesterday's Sunday School Lesson
I am hoping to stay calm, not get over imaginative, keep trusting, that this housing situation will all work together for the good.

I am creating a recovered wing back chair as soon as I can figure out how to do it without taking the chair apart.

I am hearing Zzz Zzz the sound of my husband who worked two wreckers this snowy weekend. He had one wrecker service phone in his left pocket and one wrecker service phone in his right pocket

One of my favorite things is to do go cart racing, its the closest I'll ever get to competing with my husbands former NASCAR experiences.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:

Yeah snow for me and probably,

Oh, no, more snow for you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blessed Re-assurance

There was a time when I was sure that I was dying from a certain ailment and can remember telling the Lord that if it was going to happen, it was going to happen. I told him that if I had to die so that others could come to the funeral and hear a good salvation message and give their hearts to Him, then I was ready. I was so gravely serious and so willing to go.

Then He spoke and said this:
Joan, I really appreciate you wanting to die so others can be saved, but its not necessary for you to die for them, My son already did that. I then busted out in such laughter that I couldn't help but come out of my seriousness and thank Him for His patience with me. That was 3o years ago and I'm still here. I just love how He surprises us with his tender mercy.


The Simple Woma's Daybook-February 23, 2009

For Today:
Outside my window the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. I am always fascinated by the wind because you can't capture it, you can only show the evidence of it.

l hoping that the people who low bid on our house will come back with a respectable offer that doesn't insult my husband. The word says "it is easier to subdue a city than to subdue a brother offended.
I am thinking about spiritual eyes being opened so that they can see the goodness of God in the land of the living.
From the learning rooms life has its disappointments but disappointment does not have to be a way of life.

I am thankful for my husband who has the heart of a ready helper and will go to extremes to help someone in need.

I am boiling water to put in the dog's 'frozen water container so his tongue won't stick to the ice.
I am wearing two shirts, a sweater and corduroy pants because its cold to the bone.
I am reading old love letters.

I am hoping to make some progress on finding a job and a home with my husband where we can be on the same page. Hoping to bear gigantic fruit for the kingdom.
I am creating this post which has probably been said 1,000 times but that is exactly what I am doing.
I am hearing the humming of the electric heater in my room.

One of my favorite things is to go to the ocean and listen to the power of nature.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you: This beautiful bowl is a gift from J&K which they brought back from the cruise last week to Mexico. They stayed over Saturday night on their way back to Rhode Island. Its beautiful, but not as beautiful as they are!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Wood for Mr. Ward. Feb. 16

For Today...

Outside my window...the is a beautiful blanket of snow.
I am thinking about the people coming to look at the house today.
I am thankful for... Josh and Keri's visit from RI this weekend.
From the kitchen... I can see my husband helping our neighbor stack wood.
I am creating a card for my blog.
I am wearing... three layers of clothes because it is cold outside
I am reading... my never ending e-mail because I took a coupon survey!

I am hoping... to have direction for where my husband and I should move.
I am hearing... a song on the radio "life has many choices but eternity only has two".
For the rest of the week I am planning to look for work and a NE home with God's divine direction.

My Husband and Mr. Ward after they stacked wood.

Mr. Ward is 88 years old.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let Us Remember the Mercy of God

My husband and I have the opportunity this week to participate in a web cam prayer and fasting service at Times Square Church in NY. The main thrust of the prayer meetings is to ask God for his forgiveness and mercy upon us as a nation and that we too should practice mercy and forgiveness. When we do that we do show forth the love of Christ and show the unforgiven and the merciless how great is our God. The mercy seat is an amazing study when you consider that the dear Lamb of God is the atonement. The High Priest was His own sacrifice for our sins. Now that is mercy.

The text tonight was about Jonah and how unmerciful he was toward Nineveh even when God had compassion on those in Nineveh and was sending mercy before he sent judgment. We as Christians sometimes feel justified in calling for judgment before we call upon God for mercy. (unless it is our own selves, then we want mercy so that we won't be judged).
Jonah wasn't a willing participant in this exercise of God's mercy by any means. I think he pouted through the whole experience and then sat on a hill waiting to see if God would pulverize Nineveh into the ground. Are we not at times resenting "why do the wicked prosper" or feel justified to for call for judgment when we ourselves have received so great a salvation? I know I stand guilty but ah, the mercy of God that we receive mercy that doesn't give us what we deserve nor do we deserve what we get. Who is there in your life that you are sitting comfortably by waiting for the judgment of God to fall on? Ask God to have mercy on them for His ways are not our ways and we must extend the same mercy to them which he gave to us.

I was really touched by this service because I know how easy it would be to call for judgment on all the financial institutions which have wronged so many people and those who are losing their jobs because of corporate greed--but exercising prayers of mercy and seeking for forgiveness puts an end to what could be the beginning of a long recovery period for many. My own journey has been filled with tremendous mercies and grace. Now we can look forward to the miraculous interventions that our God can and will do.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Simple Womas Days Book February 9th

Outside my window I can see the donkeys across the street.

I am thinking what will today bring.

From the learning rooms I watch the birds and remember His Eye in on the Sparrow.

I am thankful for the smell of morning coffee.

From the kitchen thinking about what's for dinner?
I am reading "The Coming Depression" by David Wilkerson --1998.

I am hoping for a fund day with my husband (its his day off).

I am creating a pattern to recover a chair.

I am hearing two songs in my head at the same time.

One of my favorite things is taking picture of the sunset in our backyard.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Husband Rocks Fond Memory-the Joke's on Me!

Recently we went to the new Taubman Art Museum to see this magnificent building and its latest art display. As we entered the room with the oil painting, I notice a man lying on the floor, curled up in a ball, and said "Look Honey" at that man on the floor. My husband said: oh my, do you think he's fainted? I didn't know for sure but at that exact moment a security man was passing by.
So, of course, I drew the officers attention to the man on the floor. When the security guard asked me what did I think we should do about the guy on the floor I thought perhaps the guard was a little unqualified for his position. Then I noticed that my husband and the guard were laughing. It turned out that the man lying in the corner was part of the Art Museums reality display. The man on the floor was a wax dummy! (Or was I the dummy?) I won't forget that dear.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

God is My Provision

I Am is your provision.

What have you need ofthat is not aready fulfilled
in Me?
If a man asks his father for a loaf of bread
will he hand him a stone?
You have notbecause you ask not
and when you askyou ask amiss.
It is money?
My provision was inthe mouth of a fish
.It is calming your raging soul?
My provision was in my servant David
as he succored Saul.
It is wisdom?
Even the mouth of babes speak it.
It is health?
I spoke the Word
and they were made whole.
What have you need of today?
I Am in thee
and we are in the Father,
the provision is already there.

Wounded Warriers

My children sit outside the camp staring at their wounds,
wanting to he healed
but not knowing how.

They are as broken soldiers,
and in their frustration they have lifted the sword
one against the other.

Have I not said
that I Am the God of your healing
and that Mine shall be a victorious army?

The trumpet of the battle is soon to blow,
and I shall raise up my children.

They shall be made whole
and they shall march out in victory.

Too long have the talents I have given
my children have been laid aside.

Dust off your uniform, prepare to put it on.
I shall march through the camp and
I shall heal the broken hearted
and the afflicted.

The Simple Womans Day Book -Feb. 2

Outside my window the clouds are moving faster than I've ever seen.

I am thinking...I am thankful for quiet moments

From the learning rooms...I need to practice difficult guitar cords.

From the kitchen. I see my neighbor walking with his lovely bride of 45 years.

I am wearing a baseball hat

I am creating greetingcards

I am going with my husband for Monday date lunch (Monday is his only day off).

I am reading Get Out of That Pit by Beth More

I am hoping our house will sell soon

l am hearing the sound of many challenges.

Around the house..I need to be more organized.

One of my favorite things...Chocolate Walnut Brownies

A few plans for the rest of the week: paint the bedroom before the house sells.

Here is picture thought I am neighbor's cows!
and sharing it with sisters of the Simple Womans Daybook group.

He is Our Daily Bread

He is Our Daily Bread

He is the one who breaks the bread
and makes it to feed the multitude .
It is by His handthat we become broken
but we become this when we become His instrument

In contrast,
man does not live by bread alone,
this world's manna,

but by His manna we become someone else's manna,
the Bread which came down from Heaven.

The world's manna is
bread of idleness
bread of sorrow,
bread of wickedness.

He is our Daily Bread
the Bread of Life.
The bread of God is He.

The bread which still comes down
from Heaven, daily.

Jesus is the Bread of Life
broken for us
bread to feed us and
to feed through us.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Freedom of Salvation

When we receive by faith the salvation of God, we receive everlasting life and the power to become the children of God. The gift of salvation cleanses us from all unrighteousness. We become a new person. We receive the power to live as a child of the living God and receive His peace, the peace that passes all understanding.My experience has been to hold that gift with a fist so tight that none should steal it. This is not the liberty in which it was given, nor was it meant to be lived.We are always looking about for a thief to steal it, a chance of dropping it, or maybe having a change of heart and throwing it all away. This is not liberty, it is bondage.This is the parable of the unused talent. The unjust servant. One who has been justified but lives as though justification never given, and salvation never received.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Witnessing Packet

I have this witnessing kit posted on my
but I especially wanted to put it on this one. I was asked to speak to the
teenagers about sharing the Gospel and their faith. It was interesting because before you can share the Gospel ,you actually have to know what the Gospel is and asking them to tell you what the Gospel is and what it means to them is a good indicator of their understanding or sadly, their misunderstanding of salvation.

This kit is great because its easy to make and can be made for all age levels. The contests were purchased at the Christian Book Store, but if you have a computer you can print out your own contents.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Credit Card "TITHE"

I was thinking this morning about the bondage of credit card debt. I can't wait to get that monkey off my back. It's fascinating that we would never consider materialism an "idol" but as I pondered just how much money credit card companies receive in interest rates, I realized I have been "tithing to the god of materialism".

It's a tongue-in-check analysis, but it has a reality to it. We struggle over giving the Lord a tithe, but we give to the credit card company interest rates far greater than we would ever consider giving to the work of the Lord. I say "we" but I really mean me. Not asking the Lord for wisdom about purchases, but just "putting it on the card"..doesn't take much faith. Then when the bill comes due, suddenly I have faith to seek the Lord for help.

This is an eyeopener for me because the materialistic country that we live in is now getting a lesson in "knowing the difference between your wants and your needs".

I am sorry Lord for giving more to Bank America than I have given to you. That I didn't ask and wait.

Thank Jesus for your truth "your Father knows what you have need of". What we need and what we want are two entirely different things. Yes the Lord will give us the desires of our heart, but we have been blessing ourselves without even inquiring of him or allowing Him delight in giving us the desires of our hearts.
"Owe no man anything except to lover him". We can do this by delighting in doing what the Lord does..feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and restoring sight to the blind. How can we do this? Pay our debts and free ourselves to love others with what rightfully belongs to God--not Bank America, Chase or Wachovia.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


By His Crown He wore,
my thoughts are purified.
By the nails in His hands,
my works are sanctified.
By His broken heart,
my heart been revived
that the Father may be Glorified.
His shed blood my sanctification,
His torn flesh, my consecration.
Lord, santify me
as Thou has done for me
on the Cross at Calvary.
By your deeds, not mine,
I receive my consecration
for you are the One True Vine.
He gave Himself willingly
He suffered, bled and died
and in his pain and agony
it was unto Thee He cried.
Not for Himself with pity
His death was not in vain
by by faith and believing,
it is I whose soul He gained.
The seed of His death
became the havest of life,
we are His children
the seed of the First Born.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Blessed Christmas to you. If you are interested in card making, please visit my other blog, The Paper Handmaiden....I am looking forward to meeting some sisters and hope you each have a wonderful and safe Christmas.

What is a Woman?

What is a Woman?

I call her beloved,
altogether lovely.

A woman is made in the image of God,
yet she is not alone
outside of man.
That is why she is desirous of him.
I call my church "Bride".
She is mine
and to be protected.

Ask me of woman
for I have made her.
I know her
for I am her creator.

Do not be afraid
to come to me as a woman,
Did I not make you thus?

I know your needs,
your vulnerability,
yet you and I are one.

If you abide in me
you shall move and breath
and have your being in Me.

I Am is your Beloved,
I Am is your covering.

Do not be afraid of the
faces of men.
Their comments or their criticisms say:

I Am is my beloved,
I Am is my keeper,
I Am is My protection,
I Am is all my need,
for all I need is Him.

"I am my Beloved's and He is mine, His banner over me is love."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Are you at the Inn or The Stable?

This Christmas season I have really been focused on the difference between what was going on at The Inn and what was going on in the stable. Like Martha and Mary, we have a choice on Christmas to be at the Inn or at the Stable in our hearts and minds.

The Inn was all booked up with those registering as commanded by the king. There must have been some very interesting conversations about the "government, more taxes, the long journey,..." Meanwhile, in the very back of the Inn there was the true King being born.

Did the Angel and the Multitude of Heavenly Host go to the Inn? No....They went to the Shepherds keeping watch over their flock by night.

To all the Shepherds keeping watch over your flock may the Lord Bless you with peace and a wonderful renewal of His Good News--

To the multitude worried about the economic melt down and the government and all the concerns we can clearly see, look away for a moment. Gaze on the Savior so far removed from this world's system and saying: Peace on Earth--Good Will to Men" For the Government of the people shall be upon His Shoulders". Let Him carry the busyness of the season--you can be still and know that He is God.
I wonder if we went to Bethlehem would we find Martha at the Inn and Mary at the stable? Choose the better part--sit at His feet.

God Bless

Mountains in Your Life

Your mountains overwhelm you.
They surround you on all sides.

Yet, I leap over your mountains.
I skip across their peaks.

Have I not said all things are under My feet?
Do not be overcome with anxiety in the valley;
for it is in the valley you are able to see
the depth, breadth and height
of the mountains in your life.
Look up, look up and behold the Son of God.
Look to the hills,
to the top of the mountain
from whence comes your help.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Enter Into the Holy Place

Enter into the Holy Place

Behold, I have rent the veil
that you might enter in
and have fellowship and protection with Me.

As you look at those things in the past
you will no longer see them with clarity
for they will be blurred by the veil.

You dwell with Me inside the temple.
The Holy Temple of God.
Those other things dwell without
and cannot enter in.
Only enter in with a pure mind
and a clean heart.

Have I not said that I go before the Father
making intercession for the saints day and night?

Look to Me
Gaze upon My face.
Behold My beauty and
not those things outside the veil,
but those things within the veil.

For in this you shall have peace of mind,
knowing that I died for you
and that I live for you.

Come into My presence
and leave your cares outside.
They cannot come in,
this is your way of escape.

Friday, December 19, 2008



I invited in
He who is perfect in love
to cast out all my fears.

Since perfect love casts out all fear
and since I am not perfect,
I asked He who is perfect in love to
go into those deep places where
fears hide
and just to cast them out,
because perfect love cast out all fear.

Therefore, it is finished
He has my permission
and I am not afraid of Him
going to the deep places
that only He knows of,
and that I dare not go.

I will trust Him
who knows no fear.

Gladly surrender to Him
in order to better serve Him-
He who is the only true God and Master.

I am not afraid
neither will I fear,
for He now has control
of those things which have
been held back.

I surrender all--

I Am My Brother's Keeper

My Brother's Keeper

I am my Brother's keeper
I'll know no other task
till I can safely lead him
to holy ground at last.

No obstacle too mighty
nor problem to small
but as my brother's keeper
I will listen to them all.

The sin of Cain toward Abel
was simply said like this,
I'm not my brother's keeper
and love I will resist.

Yet from they throne in Heaven
you call to me an say,
"are you ready to do battle
for the brotherhood today?"

They are not your brothers
only in some cold ecclesiastical way
but brothers are they in Me,
for this is My only way.

I AM is your keeper,
your brother's yes
and they and you
must walk close by Me
to mister My way.

Yeah I Am With You Always

Yeah, I am with You Always

Stephen lifted his face towards Heaven in the midst of being stoned, and said "Father lay not this sin to their charge."

God doesn't change the will of men. They willed to kill Stephen the way they willed to kill Jesus.

Yet, in the midst of all that,Stephen had great grace for he knew who he loved and he knew Who it was whom he served.

In that knowing, he was able to be above the will of men, he was in God's will "to love your enemies". His life in Christ was short, yet more powerful than many or any since.

The will of men to kill is never stronger than God's grace, mercy or promise that "yeah I am with the always even unto the end of the age.

Love Like Rain

Love Like Rain

My love descends as a gentle mist
and no one goes untouched.

As the rain falls on the just and the unjust,
so does My love.

But your love is partial
and it goes to whom you deem.
My love is to whom I will.

Your love too must fall on all you meet,
for if you walk as I have walked,
in My love and not yours,
then it shall descend to whom I will.
Your least likely
is My greatest potential.