Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook-Cabinet Curtains

Outside my window the sun is shinning finally after three days of rain...this week was the Martinsville Speedway race and the campers had three days of rain, rain, rain.

I am hoping to find guidance as our house is definately sold and we have 6 weeks to decide where we do from here. We need jobs and a home. We need devine guidance.
I am still learning to take every thought into captivity especially now. I know He is seldom early, never late, but always just on time, however we also need that peace that passes all understanding.

I hear the sound of my cell phone gasping for a battery charge.

I am cooking nothing...its Monday night Chinese buffet.

I am thankful for our home being sold to a lovely young couple.

I am wearing polka-dot pajamas.

I am reading David Wilkersons newsletter.

Today I am hoping to find a job for me, a job for my husband and a rent-to-own home in a Town we no not of, in a State we know not where...all by the end of the day.

I just finished making curtains for a cabinet I refinished which is in need of two pieces of glass.

Here are some picures I'll share with you.

My plans for this week is to seek, seek, seek....

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