Saturday, December 20, 2008

Enter Into the Holy Place

Enter into the Holy Place

Behold, I have rent the veil
that you might enter in
and have fellowship and protection with Me.

As you look at those things in the past
you will no longer see them with clarity
for they will be blurred by the veil.

You dwell with Me inside the temple.
The Holy Temple of God.
Those other things dwell without
and cannot enter in.
Only enter in with a pure mind
and a clean heart.

Have I not said that I go before the Father
making intercession for the saints day and night?

Look to Me
Gaze upon My face.
Behold My beauty and
not those things outside the veil,
but those things within the veil.

For in this you shall have peace of mind,
knowing that I died for you
and that I live for you.

Come into My presence
and leave your cares outside.
They cannot come in,
this is your way of escape.

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